Hi, I'm Rob Caven, a photographer based in Palmerston North, New Zealand. I shoot fitness, dance and events associated with both. I love capturing athletes and dancers on the stage, or when celebrating personal milestones and achievements; comp conditioning, weight loss goals, weight gain goals, high speed explosive dance, the achievement of a new dance move. The reasons people shoot with me are many, and personal to them; I fully appreciate the level of my responsibility to ensure I get the results my clients want, right at the time they are wanting to capture some magic.

Whilst I am studio based in Palmerston North, I am able to travel to shoot on location, and I am lucky enough to be able to transport a fully-fledged six light mobile studio lighting rig and other studio necessities with me, in order to give us as many options as possible, with the vehicle capability to get into New Zealand's stunning landscape for shoots in scenic locations.

My personal mantra when it comes to photography is "any light, any environment and all conditions". I have a decade and a half of UK military experience behind me, and despite a few greys, I retain the attitude of seeing things through without compromise and have often happily conducted event and dance student shoots which have been described as "marathons"!

Photography for me is an opportunity for so much that is positive; interacting with awesome people, working together to get great results, ultimately, making people happy! It also gives me goals and like the athletes and dancers I shoot with, I too enjoy the journey of incremental gains, new moves and new approaches.

Please have a browse of the galleries, and if you would like to discuss shooting with me, please get in touch :)