Giveaway timings and terms


*Entries close at midnight on Sunday 3rd October

*Winners will be drawn on either the 4th or 5th October via a Random Number Generator.

*Winners will be drawn by ICN President Brenda McDonell and the draw will be video recorded, so you know this is a transparent giveaway, and a reminder, for those of you are competitive athletes, ALL federations welcome!

*Winners will be contacted to ensure their full commitment to the shoot they have won.

*Winners will be announced in this post, and via story once all three winners have accepted their prize.


Terms of Entry


*If you are already booked with me, you CAN ABSOLUTELY enter

*Only 1 prize can be won per participant

*Prize 2, the Shine Brighter package, must be completed in one day

*Prize 3, the Go Supernova package, can be split over a maximum of two days

*All prizes come with flexible date commitments until 31 Dec 2022.

*Agreed dates must be mutually acceptable between winners and myself, and be arranged for, and committed to, by 30 Nov 2021. 

*By entering you agree that it can be announced to the other participants if you win.

* The prizes are for individual winners with the shoots taking place in the Palmerston North studio and around the Palmerston North wider area, or elsewhere only if it incurs no cost to myself. You are welcome to bring a friend, a partner or fellow athlete to your shoot.

What do these packages look like in practice?

Just to help out with what is meant by additional locations in my shoots, a studio shoot, as per my "Shine in the Studio" package is essentially just that, up to a 3 hour shoot in the studio, as described on my Packages page. With the "Shine Brighter" package, this is a studio shoot and a location shoot, in either order. This could look like studio followed by the beach for example, or the other way around. For the Go Supernova package, this could look like a studio shoot followed by an urban shoot, followed by beach, followed by gym (if available) or a scenic river scene. This can be split overnight too, so the shooting schedule can easily run within flight times into and out of Palmerston North. For the purpose of the Giveaway, if you were to win this prize, it can be split over two days at different times of the year :)

Thank you for reading this far, and feel free to browse the rest of my site via the Menu above, where you can find my packages which feature in the Giveaway, and of course, find some of the amazing people I have worked with :)